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The Union River has a long history of maritime trade and shipbuilding.  While the schooners of yesteryear are gone, Ellsworth Harbor on Union River remains a strategically located fueling and supply port for pleasure boaters and commercial fisherman from Ellsworth and the outlying towns of Surry, Trenton, Blue Hill, and northern sections of MDI.  Today, safe navigation of the lower section of Union River is in jeopardy due to silt buildup, limiting passage of vessels to certain hours either side of high tide.  This situation, if left unaddressed, will only worsen and adversely impact the recreational and commercial opportunities of all users, effectively choking off the harbor from access to the ocean. 

Recently, federal funding has been tentatively earmarked to dredge the trouble spot with a yet-to-be stipulated percent match.  A tentative dredging schedule has been established, and if the percent match is not available it may be a decade or more before this opportunity arises again.  Due to budgetary concerns from the City of Ellsworth, we feel that raising money privately toward this cause will defer taxpayer burden and allow the funds to be raised in the relatively short time frame stipulated by the federal funding portion of the project.  Our 501c3 non-profit status will allow charitable donations both in cash and in-kind that come with all the tax deductible advantages of charitable giving.  Please consider donating toward this needed cause before our window of opportunity shrinks to secure these federal funds.  

crib aerial.JPG


The iconic crib work that secure the fuel dock is in danger of collapse.  Due to years of winter ice buildup, a portion of the stones that provide ballast for these cribs have been stripped from below the waterline.  As you can see in the above picture, the cribs have lost 2-3 feet of stone.  With the reduced weight of the cribs and the freezing winters, it is doubtful that these cribs can survive many more seasons before they collapse into the harbor. 

Our plan is to rehab these cribs with new stone lifted by land-based crane or barge.  We are currently exploring the most cost effective options but time is of the essence.  Please consider donating toward this needed cause so work can commence and the exorbitant replacement cost brought on by collapse can be avoided.  As stated in other projects, our 501c3 non-profit status will allow charitable donations both in cash and in-kind that come with all the tax deductible advantages of charitable giving.



Harbor park bathrooms are in dire need of replacement.  This is a heavily used site for park goers and boaters. 

park flowers.jpg


Harbor Park, with its quaint gazebos and manicured green space, stretches along the banks of the Union River and provides recreational and cultural opportunities for locals and tourists alike.  Weekly summer concert series feature a wide variety of musical performances beneath the main gazebo, and picnic tables provide sweeping views of the harbor.  The large northern lawn area is the perfect locale to toss a Frisbee or stretch out on a blanket.  Lunch goers, book readers, sunbathers, and families are all welcome to find their slice of fresh air and sunshine in this beautiful park.  Leashed dogs and their humans are always welcome (please clean up after your dog). 

Proper funding of maintenance and general upkeep is our primary concern.  The main gazebo, home to countless musical performances, is showing it's age and requires periodic structural reinforcement and painting.  Looking toward the future, our goals are to maintain and enhance this area that has become an area of respite and recreation for so many. 

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